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Parents Guide: Coping with Exam Stress

While exam time is a stressful period for students, it can be a difficult time for parents too. As a parent, worrying about your children’s state of preparation for the exams is only the tip of the iceberg. You are additionally concerned about whether they’re taking care of themselves, eating and sleeping regularly, and ensuring that this anxiety ridden time goes as smoothly as possible. Here are some tips to help you aid your child during this period of stress and anxiety. 

  • Remember to have compassion and empathy: Your child is already going through a tough time . Ensure that you are not adding more stress to an already difficult period.
  • Recognize your child’s effort: Try to emphasize that these exam times are about putting in the required amounts of hard work, and remind them that it is not just about the marks. 
  • Relieve some of your child’s pressure by ensuring them that bad grades are not the most important, defining factors for their futures. Reminding them that there is more out there can help them feel less anxious about their exams.
  • Reinforce the importance of regular sleeping and eating patterns in your child: Remind your child that while it may feel like sacrificing sleeping and eating times will allow for more time to study, both sleep and food are necessary to nourish their brain and allow for it to work at its best capacity.
  • Give your children the option of approaching you in case of any doubt or clarification. While you may not be able to provide the solution, just hearing them out will give them a chance to work the problem out verbally. In other cases, a change of perspective may help your children find the solution as required.
  • Be their emotional support during this stressful journey: Let your children know that  that you are a safe space for them to emote, vent out and even cry, should the need arise.
  • Let go of the smaller issues: For example, if your child isn’t cleaning their room or picking up after themselves during the exam term, it’s okay. There are bound to be other things on their mind.

All in all, just remember to be there for your children during this trying time in their lives. As long as you do that and follow the tips listed above, the exam period will go by quicker and easier. Also, remember to take breaks and look after yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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