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"I’ve suffered from OCD-related germophobia for years now."

November 2023
Pradyut Hande

We’re quick to brush our fears, anxieties, stresses, vulnerabilities, and insecurities under the carpet. We often pretend that everything is okay, in our eternal quest to project ourselves as normal.

"I was a girl with faith, strength and a lot of positivity."

September 2023
Supriya Katagon

Every day is a new life for me. My recovery journey from mental illness helped me bring back my old self. Now it’s a new and happier me.

"In August 2018, I attempted suicide and jumped from my terrace, which was on the 6th floor."

September 2023
Shanaya Tulli

I am now running and wearing 5 inch heels again and have resumed working. My aim is to help those who feel unworthy or need strength and work towards eradicating the stigma when it comes to mental illness and seeking help.

"I've come to realize that it is so important to prioritize the things that give you a sense of peace"

June 2023
Skanda Sriganesh

Skanda Sriganesh's experience is assurance that finding comfort and allocating time for what nurtures your well-being can help you find your safe space. Read his #StoryOfHope below

"Mr Mahadevapura has made remarkable strides in his journey towards recovery"

May 2023
Mahadevapura Jyothi

Mr Mahadevapura, residing in Gulbarga, was identified by Asha workers due to his severe mood shifts and disruptive behaviour.

"Today, he and his family met us with beaming smiles on their faces"

April 2023

He is a patient of Schizophrenia, which was diagnosed after an unfortunate road accident and subsequent brain injury.

"Don’t give up, all it requires is some extra strength to fight these feelings and I promise you will feel better."

March 2023
Payal Khullar

I faced acute anxiety attacks. My life had turned upside down and wasn't even aware of what was happening to me.

""I made sure he felt supported and had access to medical professionals""

November 2022
David Liano

Being a mountaineer, I’ve lived some of the most gratifying moments of my life

"I started to feel better; however, I was badly impacted by the side effects"

November 2022
Deepesh Soni

My name is Deepesh Soni

“It all started with a minor headache”
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January, 2019
Varnika Goel

“It all started with a minor headache. It all started with a minor setback. There were minute things which anyone wouldn’t notice like withdrawal from all activities which used to interest a person earlier. I thought that it is just a phase.”

I was in 11th standard. We shifted to a new place. Everything was new- friends, school and environment. I thought I am anxious about this change. However, it continued. I withdrew myself from any social interaction. I started preparing for my Engineering exams. I diverted all my energy towards it.”

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