Stories of Hope

"I spent most of my teenage years feeling out of place and misunderstood."

July 2022
Aalapana Kumar

Three years into therapy and multiple diagnosis later, we found the problem - Borderline Personality Disorder.

"Psychiatry was my passion & later it became my saviour too."

June 2022
Dr Ruhi Satija

I remember that precise moment when I had lost the fight to myself. I was done. I was done pretending everything was ok.

"Maybe at this very moment, running away seems like the best possible solution..."

May 2022
Rohit Ganguly

It was back in 2020, just as the first wave of pandemic started subsiding, my life entered a vortex of entropy. Family issues, professional shortcomings and personal botch-ups joined forces to deal one deafening blow after the other. By the time, life was done with its due course of the "Crucio" curse with me, I would wake up every day feeling suicidal and trying to find at least one r...

"Nobody expects medical doctors to never catch a flu. Then why the stigma?"

May 2022
Saumya Swamy

I'm a 21 year old psychology major. I have been going to therapy - on and off - since I was 14.

"Fear is something that outshines our true potential."

April 2022
Carel Dias

Fear is something that outshines our true potential. And it can widely deter our growth and well being.

"I realized I needed to seek professional help"

April 2022
Uma Gokhale

I was diagnosed with anxiety and panic attacks

"I grew up routinely with feelings of emptiness..."

September 2021
Vidushi Karnatic

My recovery journey highlights how the right support can accelerate an individual’s ability to build resilience and motivation to recover and lead a fulfilling life.

"Over time, I overcame that period with a lot of difficulty and pain"

September 2021
Sudeshna Sarkar

Over time, I overcame that period with a lot of difficulty and pain and feel grateful to be alive.

"The key point to fight depression is to accept."

May 2021
Neil Chakraborty

I was in std. IX when my dad was Transfered to Sambalpur. I had recently lost my best friend, one of the most trusted people of my life. I was in need of a support. Everything was new to me. And eventually, I made a huge blunder in choosing friends, probably the biggest mistake of my life. They misused my innocence and love what I had for them as persons and exposed me to addictions.

“It all started with a minor headache”
January, 2019
Varnika Goel

“It all started with a minor headache. It all started with a minor setback. There were minute things which anyone wouldn’t notice like withdrawal from all activities which used to interest a person earlier. I thought that it is just a phase.”

I was in 11th standard. We shifted to a new place. Everything was new- friends, school and environment. I thought I am anxious about this change. However, it continued. I withdrew myself from any social interaction. I started preparing for my Engineering exams. I diverted all my energy towards it.”

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