Stories of Hope

"I made sure he felt supported and had access to medical professionals"

November 2022
David Liano

Being a mountaineer, I’ve lived some of the most gratifying moments of my life

"I started to feel better; however, I was badly impacted by the side effects"

November 2022
Deepesh Soni

My name is Deepesh Soni

"If I am making a difference in even one person’s life, I think I have played my part well"

November 2022
Shanky Singh

In school, I always thought that I was the best in everything

"I’d only cry… but one night Amma said, ‘Don’t lose heart–live for your kids!"

October 2022

18 years ago, when I delivered a baby girl, my husband & I were excited to be parents

"I went on with my treatment and I kept getting better."

September 2022

I was really young when I started to feel like not living anymore.

"My heart is with the folks like me, the folks for whom those things came too late, or not at all"

September 2022
Pooja Mehta

Almost 800,000 people die by suicide around the world every year

"It took me 3 trips to the medical store to get enough sleeping pills"

September 2022
Shruti Dandekar

It was October 2009. Just 2.5 years after my wonderful son was born

"I stand today as a survivor"

September 2022
Dr. Bijna Kotak

In the eyes of the world, I am an Ivy-league educated, award-winning Indian woman

"I spent most of my teenage years feeling out of place and misunderstood."

July 2022
Aalapana Kumar

Three years into therapy and multiple diagnosis later, we found the problem - Borderline Personality Disorder.

“It all started with a minor headache”
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January, 2019
Varnika Goel

“It all started with a minor headache. It all started with a minor setback. There were minute things which anyone wouldn’t notice like withdrawal from all activities which used to interest a person earlier. I thought that it is just a phase.”

I was in 11th standard. We shifted to a new place. Everything was new- friends, school and environment. I thought I am anxious about this change. However, it continued. I withdrew myself from any social interaction. I started preparing for my Engineering exams. I diverted all my energy towards it.”

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